Primary Lyme Dis
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Primary Lyme Dis-Information Sites

The reason the CDC is a Dis-Lyme Site is because
it inaccurately represents "Lyme" as primarily the
arthritis.  The Serological Two-Tiered Protocol is
scientifically unfounded and the Dearborn case definition
criteria was unsupported.  Patients should be aware that
one specific antibody band plus IIMPP and/or Lyme
arthritis symptoms is adequate to make a diagnosis
and patients may be seronegative.  See the Information
Links for a diagnosis.

Primary Dis-Guidelines

The authors of these guidelines appear to
be suffering from a Reactive Lymenesia- as they
report in these Dis-Guidelines: "there is insufficient
evidence to regard 'chronic Lyme disease' as a separate
diagnostic entity", and PLS is a "poorly defined" entity.
That they at one time appeared to know what was Chronic
Lyme and now don't, casts doubt on the integrity of the
entire work.

Durland Fish is an entomologist, so we question
his expertise on the treatment of Lyme disease.